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as a juvenile in the death of maryland juvenile employee. prosecutors want to try him as an adult. his family is found outside the building at the youth facility, at the county. lawmakers have criticized the state department's juvenile services for the handling of the case. >>> taken most of the heat out of the arizona's controversial law, at least for now. tomorrow, the law will go into force. our judge brock, some of the laws' controversial elements. out for now, the officers' requirements to check the immigration status and immigrant's requirements to carry their papers at all times. the judge says the elements should be put on hold and for the courts to resolve the issues. it's a major change in the region that ramped up for the law. police are ready to start jailing the violators, up to holding immigrants arrested without papers. protesters were out in force on what was seen as racial profiling. >> couldn't commit any more wrong. i think with my family here. >> it's a crime to be here illegally. everybody should enforce the crime in the interior of the united states including arizona. >>
. >> the baby will be in custody of maryland social services. in baltimore, wbal tv 11 news. >> juveniles are in custody tonight after they are accused of robbing dozens of light rail customers over the past months. some even involve a gun. police are now investigating crimes on may 23. one man actually allowed police to run surveillance from his home. >> anytime someone stops -- steps up and plays a role, it is a great asset to the police department. >> the young men face a number of charges, including armed robbery. an update now to a story we brought you as breaking news at 5:00. 10 people are now being treated at area hospitals after an mta bus and a van collided. this was in east baltimore. according to the mta, the driver failed to stop at the stop sign in rammed into the bus. none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. >> crews are working to clean up water damage, causing 900 people to evacuate the marriott waterfront hotel korean and four-inch water main broke, causing gallons of water to float into the hotel. most soaked into the walls and ceilings -- the marriott wate
. >> the 14-year-old is being held at the western maryland children's center now in hagerstown. >>> maryland natural resources police have determined the cause of a death of a man who died in a jet ski accident in the bay. jessica is in the newsroom with details on this. >>> warren smith died from electrocution, it happened sunday evening, around 1 1/2 miles south of the bay bridge. powerful storms moved through the region. investigators say smith and a friend were racing back to avoid the storms when lightning was nearby. it wasn't enough to avoid a direct strike. but enough to kill him. >> summer thunderstorms are coming and can pop up with little or no warning. >>> an unusual criminal case in anne arundel county tonight. police have a suspect in custody. but they are looking for a would-be victim. >>> police say a suspect stole items from a store in the annapolis mall. he appears to try to carjack a woman driving that beige car. he was eventually apprehended by security. but police are looking for the victim in the car. >>> maryland voters consistently rate the environment and the health
. >> and we'll also be talking about green jobs. they're here in maryland and we'll talk about what's available and how you can learn more about it. >> i can't wait. i have a card shark in the studio. >> you love card games. and i love that close up magic. i could sit there for hours, and i do. when you spend time with him, he has a new book out. he doesn't tell the tricks, he tells you how to do the shuffle and all of that stuff. >> and also, crystal is here to tell us about who to do to stay hydrated. we'll tell you how to get food and high to stay hydrated. >> i love her fun tips. >>> have you seen this report? that means plenty of eat and drink. the food, is it safe to eat? we'll investigate the fairs and the conditions. paula shows us what they found. >> hotdog, get your hotdogs. >> stadiums and arena, feed millions annually, they haven't caused a mass out break of food born illnds -- illnesses, but some are getting sick. and outside the line, there's reports for all of the concessions for all of the venues in the united states and canada operating in 2009. at 28% of the facili
-year-old is being held at the western maryland children's center. >>> today, word of a multimillion-dollar settlement. nearly two dozen people became sick from carbon monoxide poisoning, at ruth's chris inner harbor restaurant in 2008. the victim sued the hotel that owns the restaurant. an investigation revealed it was a crack in the hotel's basement broiler equipment that caused the leak. >> today, a jury handed down a $34 million verdict to the 23 plaintiffs in the case. >>> slightly warmer and humid weather. a live look outside now. temperatures are making it into the 90s today. and it is a bilt uncomfortable. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. >> i'll agree with that. it is a bit uncomfortable. but compared to the weekend and some of the days you've had this summer, not all that horrible. yes, it is pretty warm out there. we have a couple of showers that popped up across portions of virginia. right now, it's quiet around here. just a few isolated showers. tomorrow, we have a pretty good chance of thunderstorms around the region. as a front will move across the area
the camera and get to the streets. >> reporter: 52% of marylanders surveyed call it the biggest issue. >> what a governor can do about dropping the economy is practically nothing. >> reporter: ehrlich leads by 15% in the suburbs. we asked voters about that. >> governor ehrlich's support is not as strong as previous republicans, is that something you can elaborate on. >> we're campaigning in all the state. >> governor o' malley is not what they want. we feel good about the shore, about turn out. >> reporter: in a statement governor e, hrlich says he believes the race will be close to the end. and governor o' malley agrees. he says it'll be like a game of ping-pong till the day. >> the polls show that ehrlich has a lead among male voters, and o' malley has a lead among female voters. >>> and the waterfront hotel was forced to close its doors last night after a water pipe ruptured. forcing a thousand guests to quickly evacuate. >> reporter: managers say the baltimore marriot waterfront will be open for business early tomorrow morning . baltimore's trendy waterfront hotel was water logged
at the maryland science center. you might want to take an umbrella today. let's look at some of the other numbers. 74 at the airport. 73 in westminster. 73 degrees in frederick. we will put a 30% chance for a shower or thunderstorm. it will be more commit and warmer than yesterday with a high temperature around 72. we come back and we will check the forecast for the weekend. for now, to the news desk. >> a new study shows certain kinds of receipt paper could be harmful to your health. a chemical on 40% of receipts tested was found. it is often used in plastic products and in the lining of canned goods. it has come under scrutiny after some animals studies suggested it could lead to cancer. experts say more research is needed. >> surgery is safer than originally thought. this is according to a new study. researchers looked at the date of more than 15,000 patients. 7% who had weight-loss surgery had minor complications. the surgery has become the second most, abdominal operation in the u.s. it is 74 degrees on tv hill. keith mills will join us live with the latest in the sports world. >> we are tal
should be filed against the mother. maryland does have a safe haven law in which a baby can be dropped off at a hospital with no criminal charges and no charges asked. however, that is clearly not what happened in this case. >>> live at baltimore county christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >>> a disturbing story, already drawing some strongly action on our abc 2 news facebook page. here is a sample of some of the those comments, colleen norwood tack et says they should do the same thing with her. i'm so disgusted by this story, michelle johnson write, i can't even make a full comment because it would not be appropriate language to use outside of a trucker bar. >>> and michelle lindsey sue posed the question, how are there not charges against this person? you can share your thoughts on our abc 2 facebook page at that's where you'll also find the very latest updates on this story. >>> well tonight a family is mourning the death of one of its own. the sister of johns hopkins researcher killed in the streets of baltimore sunday night describes her brother's final phone call with h
conference is performance evaluations. how does this ideas it with administrators? it is called the maryland principles academy -- two days of trading designed to help new principles build leadership skills. they also get to share what they have in common, which was the case for these two principles. >> what battles do you tackle first? that's something i would like to ask. >> develop a vision or a signature connected to your community because the community will be the ones who allegedly support you through your mission. >> the state costco- superintendent shed light on a new evaluation program. here's what is being proposed -- 50% of the principles evaluation will be based in part on things like planning, preparation and professional responsibility. the other 50% would be based on student growth with a 30% of the input coming from the state and remaining 20% from the local school system. >> all of us are accountable, but the principle is the instructional leader. i have never been to a great school that didn't have a great principle. >> it's a proposal getting early support from some maryla
, there is another way, maryland's safe haven law, allows families to bring the baby to the hoopt. meantime, the baby girl is. as for the mother, he no charge will be heard in the case. >>> police in humble cointy, trying to find the victim and. chase by losses prevention officers, fled into the parking lot in a road where he stopped a light four chore door clordz sedan. the female victim triads to drive off. the police say the car moved about 50 yards before the suspect jumped out. the police were able to arrest him, but are looking for the victim to help in the investigation. anyone with information is asked to call animal county police. >>> former governor was back in the campaign trail after recovering from minor back and neck surgery. the spokesperson says, recent shows any look. . >>> hot day out there today. we started cloudy and not all that warm. as we go through past 6:00, we're stalking about 94. and 88 for you and cambridge. the radar picture, maryland's most popular, showing a few storms popping up in the central virginia in the high terrain there. nothing in the stated right now. throug
. >> a maryland man has been indicted. police say he is a serial killer. police believe he committed the murder of delores dewitt and her daughter, ebony. jason scott has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. no word on when a trial is set to begin. a man was found dead in baltimore city yesterday. police were called to a shooting and found an unidentified man dead from a shotgun wound. no word on a motive. four juvenile us are in custody. they are accused of robbing members on the light rail. police began investigating the crimes investigatingmay. ng in may. >> head lice is no excuse to stay home from school. no help the child should be excused from were missed school because head lice is not a sign of poor health hygiene. it is usually spread by head to head contact. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think schools should keep students with head lice from attending classes? you can e-mail your response to president obama hits the road today. >> he will be talking with small business owners. kate amara joins us live from our wa
dudley will replace tony hayward in october. >>> back here in maryland, the water front in the inner harbor east is closed right now. it was shutdown monday after a water pipe burst inside. they were slated to reopen yesterday and that's been delayed. about 900 people have been placed in other hotels. they're waiting for one last inspection. >>> let's get to positive news finally. another sunny afternoon around maryland. the heat and humidity are climbing and firsting we'll start with bern -- first, we'll start with bernadette woods. >> well, i'm glad you like this, jessica. the summertime weather has come back. what we have going on, 87 degrees in baltimore and we're on the rise. everything you notice, the dew points are also on the rise. this is what the dew points look like. about two days ago, we were cooler on the dew points and that's when it was refreshing and the humidity is starting to build. it feels like 94 in baltimore and 90 decks -- degrees in ocean city. we'll talk about more with marty bass. >>> good afternoon, everyone. i want to look at the first warning doppler rad
points and high humidity. no storms right now over the maryland area. there is a line out ahead of a friend. it is affecting the great lakes, moving toward the east, likely will arrive tomorrow afternoon. then we will see the potential for more and thunderstorms. today there is only an isolated chance for storms, temperatures in the upper 80s. more uncomfortable than yesterday. the dew points have escalated into the low '70's. above 66 you are dealing with an uncomfortable air mass. it indicates a lot of moisture out there. if we get storms to mark, there is a lot of water with them, so expect heavy downpours. in the meantime, this afternoon's forecast -- in the mid-80s and the mountains with the chance for isolated storms. baltimore will likely see a high of 93. there is a chance for an isolated storm or two into the evening, but not widespread. on the eastern shore, high of 91, more sunshine there today. it is just a mix of sun and clouds. later this afternoon on the day a small craft advisory will take effect with winds picking up from the south between 15 and 20 miles per ho
. let's check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar. not much going locally, we'll take you to northwest baltimore county, reisterstown, nima headquarters, you can see the hazy skies. 72 feels like a muggy 77 this morning. not like yesterday morning. you're going to need the ac perhaps, driving into work. 91, that's our two-degree guarantee, isolated storm popping up. we'll talk about the weekend outlook in just a bit. >> we still have a road closure in west baltimore, north avenue closed this morning at braddish avenue because of a structure fire, you're going to see police on the scene encouraging drivers to use baker street as a detour. we'll be heavy on the southwest side at wilkins, we had an earlier vehicle fire off to the right shoulder. i believe it'd been cleared, this is pretty much volume delays as you approach 95 on the outer loop. stay with us, we have more travel times in a few minutes, megan and jamie, back to you. >>> a hopkins student is murdered just away from his home. here's abc2 news linda sow with one man dead and how his murder could affect the electio
news. >>> giving maryland's best breathing room that's as we continue. >>> attempted carjacking caught on tape. they need to find the victim. we'll explain. >>> serial killer suspect. latest on a murderer who targets mothers and daughters in maryland. we continue with vic after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 4:30 and sunny. and thanks for staying with us. and police identify a serial killer. he is responsible for mother- daughter murders in prince george's county. whit johnson reports for wjz news. >> reporter: place say that jason thomas scott is a serial kill weir the blood of five women on his hands. on tuesday the former ups worker was indicted in the murders of two of the women. >> we'll seek life without parole. >> reporter: he murdered a 42- year-old delores dewit and her daughter ebony. their bodies were found in a stolen car after it had been set on fire. scott is the prime suspect in three other prince george's county maryland murders including karen and her daughter who were found shot to death in their home in january of last year. and in 2008. another woman was gun
, maryland. tom fitzgerald is live with more. the neighborhood got good news? >> reporter: we've been here all day. two minutes before we went on the air, traffic lights came back on, and this neighborhood up on river road finally got power back. we just received an updated e- mail from pepco. let me read it to you. i'll get out of the road while we do this. in montgomery county now, there are 20149 customers out of power, out of 300,000 that were previously out. in prince george county, 2746 homes remain without power, out of 220,000 that were out. and in dc, 1,655 homes are without power tonight. and while pepco made good progress over the last couple hours on the situation, the next 24 hours are going to involve some of their most intricate work. and here is why. a lot of outages that are left are because of situations like that, particular lines that have been entwined with trees. when the trees came down, so did the lines. line crews fanned out, are trying to get to the pockets now piece by piece. four days after this massive tree went down on hatting ton lane, pepco lines men started
. >> hold up high and get a towel. >>> check out maryland. it is a muggy day out here. we have some clouds mixing with the sunshine and we are expecting temperatures today, which will be moving on to a higher priority here than they are now. in the 70s, upper 70s in many areas south. as we head to the 9:00 you are hour get ready for 80s. we will get there quickly. sunshine and a couple of clouds. lunchtime looks sunny in most areas. 92 frederick. 87 across parts of southern maryland. even western maryland, cumberland in the upper 80s and later this afternoon, slight chance of a thunderstorm and in a couple of spots. many highs will be above the 90- degree mark. look at the maryland traffic this morning. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. >> thank you, howard. staying dry out there. my goodness. a look at route 29 an industrial parkway. one of the intersections where i believe traffic lights are still not working and crews are on the scene trying to direct traffic out there. as we heard from kristin, 20 lights are not working. intersections are not working properly here. so do be extra careful. as
for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. >>> lower 70s in westminster today. nape bel air and annapolis and 77 rock hall. kent island in 76. we'll get the return of humid air and cold front tomorrow night and here come it is almost perfect weekend. and sunshine today, 92 degrees is the high. sunny to partly cloudy skies and a tad more humid and stuffy and 74 tonight. tomorrow, partly sunny and 92 is the high and afternoon thunderstorms, here's the front. the weekend bookended. that's friday and monday by 86 degrees. that's normal. and sunny with the daytime highs. not a ton of humid. >>> here's sharon with wjz traffic control. >>> we're looking at two accidents. here's one of them live. and you can see the accident there in the middle of the screen. the s
. we will bring everyone back on line. >>> we're learning more this morning about a maryland man suspected in the areas infamous mother daughter murders. >>> conditions still pose a risk on metro after yesterdalast ye's deadly crash, what this means the passengers. >>> it is wednesday, july 28, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. first we go to adam caskey. >> you'll notice a little added cloud cover. a little will in the atmosphere is causing clouds. you will notice added humidity as well. 71 degrees in leesburg and front royal, 73 in frederick, 75 in arli -- 77 in arlington. 92 degrees this afternoon. we will see the sunshine, but we just have to wait a few hours. 92 is the high temperature. a little above average for this time of year. added humidity. a few isolated late-day thunderstorms. now to lisa baden. >>> it has been complicated on the beltway, leaving alexandria and getting to tysons. there was an accident that resulted in a car fire, after eisenhower avenue before van dorn street. then there was a work zone close to 236, but that should be out of the road nea
are getting discounts. this is according to an accounting for which says florida, illinois, and maryland are among three new states offering tax breaks. this will be in the second week of august. a cosmetic company is apologizing for a collection inspired by the town. the collection and the use name like border town and goes tell. a report on durable goods coming out may influence trading today. the orders are expected to show that they gained in june. we did have a mixed bag yesterday. one report showed a jump in home prices. another report showed a drop in consumer confidence. the number of construction jobs in baltimore dropped 10% in the past year. the bloomberg maryland index was lower. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. 73 degrees on tv hill. another check on the weather and traffic straight ahead. >> do you think you have what it takes to play for the ravens? >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. do you think schools should keep students with head lice from attending classes? you can e-mail your response to wate
in behind that front. scattered thunderstorms south of baltimore. throughout southern maryland to mar night and off the coast, allowing the high pressure to come back in. friday looks nice with lower humidity and lots of sunshine. friday would be a good one to stretch your weekend an extra day. decent weather in the first part of the weekend. tomorrow, between 90-95. a chance for a thunderstorms, shifting the winds to the northwest. if you're going to be on the day, most of the day will be pleasant but keep an eye for the wind shift. a 60% chance of a storm near deep creek with highs in the '70s. mid-90s around the bay. he met with late afternoon thunderstorms. a chance for storms near the coast. 88 on the beach at ocean city. 94 and more comfortable on friday with lower humidity. 86 degrees. a 20% chance of a storm on saturday but looks like the best day of the weekend because those chances go up to 50% on sunday and a chance for isolated storms on monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> of the reagans veterans have begun to arrive. no public tomorrow, its practice. terrance kelly took a big ste
has a college degree from the university of maryland university college and for years worked as a clerk at u.p.s. and tonight, his coworkers are speaking out about the man they call a quiet worker. >> as far as him killing people, that was a total shock. >> reporter: this person who wanted to remain anonymous said for years they worked side-by- side with accused killer jason scott. >> he didn't talk to too many people. he did kind of keep to hill. >> reporter: he worked in this u.p.s. building in the warehouse and recorded the labels on the package -- corrected the labels on the packages. >> he was never anyone to cause problems. if you asked him to do something, he did it: he was extremely fast at typing. >> uh-huh. >> and he was really -- as far as employees g he was pretty good. >> reporter: prince georges county police chief thinks these indictments are just the beginning. >> i hope that with the arrest and this bad, very dangerous individual, that other witnesses will come forward and assist us in collaborating and closing the other cases. >> reporter: investigators say
, jane. and the city of frederick, maryland, is asking residents to voluntarily conserve water. the intense heat, coupled with low rainfall resulted in low water levels there. official warn if people don't cut back, the city may have to take more drastic measures to conserve water. >>> the human is baidity is bac. so is the chance of storms. >> later tonight we could see some scattered storms across the area. as far as right now, we have hazy conditions. a lot of humidity and steam today. that's really taken the heat index way up to about 100 degrees. you're looking currently at our skycam shot there with the washington monument in the distance. and our dew point temperatures, that water vapor, 65 to 69 degrees. in some neighborhoods, it has taken the heat index temperature way up. to 97 degrees, takoma park. 98 degrees in buoy and lando. and you folks in montgomery, wheaton and cole's activism it faelz like 106 in lenard arrested town. some areas from the shenandoah valley, some storm. then a better chance coming our way tomorrow. from late morning until early afternoon. we'll
for a masters degree. maryland police say he is also a killer, whose victims include two pairs of mothers and daughters. scott, they say, studied police forens forensics, to learn how to hide his crimes. and the data base from his job at ups, to identify potential targets. pierre thomas has the story on a cerebral serial killer suspect. >> reporter: the horror began on january 26th 2009, as an intruder slipped in. karen lofton, a 45-year-old nurse, was fatally shot as he tried to hide in this corner. her 16-year-old daughter was repeatedly shot as he frantically dialed 911 from her bed. police were perplexed. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. neighbors were terrified. >> so when they catch them, i'll be afraid. >> reporter: two months later, the bodies of dell lorless dewitt and her 20-year-old daughter were found in a burning car. another nurse, and a daughter, killed. >> i'll tell you that mrs. scott presented us with a very challenging ability to identify him. >> reporter: today, this man, jason thomas scott, was charged in the murders of the dewitts, and the chief of po
to newschopper 7 flying over 29 in maryland at lockwood drive. we still have police direction due to a traffic signal out. montgomery county is getting back to normal service for the most part. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:12, 75 degrees. when we continue, a passionate plea from the mother of a missing oregon boy. investigators are focusing their attention on the stepmother. >>> what is making headlines around the region as well. ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. >>> it could be friday before all of the power outages in our area are restored. crews have been working around the clock since the recent storm to try to restore electricity to everyone. pepco has 45,000 outages still in d.c. and montgomery and pr
a college degree from the university of maryland college and neighbors say he comes from a good family. he is accused in the murder of dolores dewitt and her daughter ebony. >> he always came to work. he was never one that cause any problems. >> i hope that with the arrest of this bad, very dangerous individual that other witnesses will come forward and assist us in collaborating and closing some of the other cases. >> investigators believe scott may also be responsible for the murders of karen and carissa lofton, both of them shot to death six week before the dewitts' murders at their home nearby. >>> still to come, another oil spill in the gulf while the bp spill reach as a milestone. we have an update on both. >>> we have an update on two american sailors ambushed in afghanistan. we'll get the latest on the massive search. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  >>> we now know the identity of the two sailors ambushed in eastern afghanistan last friday. the pentagon confirms the taliban killed petty officer second class justin mcnally of colorado and the to belie
. also, 77 down in fredericksburg. 74 at baltimore. 73 in frederick, maryland. here is a look at the satellite- radar. from the live shot you saw of the 14th street bridge, it is a mix of clouds and sun this morning. some clouds on the horizon and across portions of the sky. that is kind of the way it is going to be today. some sun mixed in with clouds through outthe day today but not a bad day. we do have changes though. here is your forecast. it will be warmer. yesterday, we only got up to 87 degrees. today, we are looking at 9 2- rbgs 93 degrees under partly sunny skies. it will be pore humid. a slight chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon. a better chance during the evening but i do think today they would be widely scattered. -- today, we are looking at 92, 93 degrees under partly sunny skies. >>> the crew if sky fox is checking out your ride as you travel the capital beltway. landser op on the capital beltway with no problems to report. now, again, in montgomery county, this morning, police tell me there are at least 21 intersections that are
days. most of the outages are in maryland, particularly in montgomery county. pepco is working to restore power to more than 25,000 customers there. more than 5,000 customers are in the dark in prince george's county and in the district, a little more than 2300 customers have no electricity. elaine reyes has the latest from gaithersburg. >> this is pepco's staging area where crews from out of town are waiting for their assignments. the goal is to have most, if not all, the power restored by tomorrow night. >> there would be such an influx of calls, because we said after 3:00, call 1-877-pepco 62. as anticipated, there was a large volume of calls. it created a problem for our technology. >> there have been numerous complaints by customers complaining they are not getting accurate information for repair time. they are enlifting the help of hundreds of workers brought in from out of town. police officers spent the morning rush-hour directing traffic at several dark intersections like this one. pepco says it is prioritizing by safety. >> down wires continue to be a tremendous safet
now 47,000 pepco customers in maryland are still without power as a result of sunday's violent storms. and crews are working feverishly to get more customers back on-line. most of the outages are in montgomery county. kristin fisher is joining us with a progress report. gm, kristin. >> good morning, angie. i'm at the intersection of weller and good hill and you all just missed a bunch of power crews. they have been here all night long working to restore power in the neighborhood. great news for the people who live in this neighborhood. they say power should be back on momentarily. and this is happening throughout the dc area as more and more people get back on- line. now, right now pepco has roughly 400 crews in the field working to restore power in the area. about 300 of those are reinforcements from out of town. yesterday morning there was a caravan of power crews from as far away as ohio rolling out of pepco's storm staging area at montgomery county fairgrounds. they have been working throughout the night to restore service to pepco customers and they have made progress, like i men
. >> crews are also working away in white oak, maryland. they are trying to restore power to a 69,000 volt line and when that's done, it will mean the power is back on for thousands of homes. we have more coverage at just click on extras for the links to local outage maps and a slide show of a lot of the damage across our region. >>> you can probably see that the humidity is back. devon is out on the terrace sweating it out with your forecast first. >> the heat and humidity back in full force today. it was 52 for a high. it was going 93, close to that and we are very warm tonight. temperatures, a will the of us, lower 90s and mid 90s out there. let's go to our thursday morning forecast. there might be a shower here or there, but it's very warm and humid. temperatures, it's all about the daytime hours thursday. possibly strong to even severe thunderstorms are going to be moving through. it's the big question of exactly when they will come through. count the timing down well in our forecast. we'll have that complete outlook coming up in a few minutes. >> an update to a story we
weather in orange, fredericksburg 78. 78 national, southern maryland. the increased humidity not allowing the temperatures to drop off. low 80s by 9:00. 9:00 upper 80s by lunchtime and low 90s to maybe 95 with a chance of a shower or storm this afternoon. better chances tomorrow. more on that in 14 minutes. right now approaching 4:31. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. >>> good morning. we already have a problem as you can see on the south side of the beltway. this is the inner loop at van doren. all lanes are closed at this hour because of an accident down there. right now backed up to route 1. we have the outer loop closed two lanes because of this crash as they try to clean this up. avoid the south side of the capital beltway if you can. switch over to better news in virginia. this is 395 northbound. all looking good to the 14th street bridge. no problems out there. as we switch over to 66, right now looking good, as well. travel lanes are open toward 495. in montgomery couldn't, we need to tell you a lot of traffic lights are out this morning. be aware of that. police are directing traffic a
. >> paramedics rushed the baby to gbmc where the child is underr3 doctor's carr but in the custody of maryland social services. for now, no charges have been filed. >> baltimore county police are also looking for a sexual predator in woodlawn. theee have been four incidents since june. a sketch of the attacker is plastered on mailboxes. in one caae he broke into a home wearing nothing but a t-shirt and socks. in another innident the female victim hit him ovvr the head and got away. >> as soon as i seen the picture on the mail box i was one. i would nottgo outside. locked my doors. i was completely terrified. >> his eyes freak me out. they just scare me. and he looks like he is up toono good. >> victiis helpee police come up with the sketch. >> princc george's jury indicts a maryland man that is a methodical serial killer. jason scott of upper marlboro is charged two counts of murder. accused of killing a mother and the two women were found inna burning car that was stolen. the killings are linked to a january 2009 slayyng of another mother and daughter. ttey were both found shot to death insi
be charges with reckless endangerment nd on child abuse. thhre is, however, a law in maryland. to avoid this sort of situation from happening. >> this baby was saved bbt ordinarily it would haae been catastrophic. if you find yourself in thisr situution, the maryland has a -afe havenen law. you can take your baby to the nearest police statton, fire station, or hospitaa. >> now a mother has ten days following the day of the birth to avoid legal action. happen. ase, that didn't fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you. well, police sayythey ave aaú suspect but now they need o find the victim of possibleeú attempted carjacking. the security camera ictures show arthur felten arred withha razoo near the mmll. they say he had just stole an cell phone, mp3 llyer from sears. hh tried tooget in everal cars before jumpingginto the back of a light colooed cedarrurgen. but -- sedan. he jumped out lattr and was arrestee. police are lookkng for the female driver of the ccr who left the scene. >> a man is charged with theeú killing of a mother and daughter. jason scott was indiited on seevral char
they are reasonable, compared to where they were only a few days ago. waldorf maryland is 74 degrees. falls church is a 75. overnight tonight, we will still see it reasonably comfortable. and there is a nice men out there too. this morning was the coolest since july 4th, which really made a difference with all of the widespread power outages. there may be thundershowers coming our way. i will tell you all about it later. >> let's go to national park, where starts stephen strasburg was a late scratch -- star stephen strasburg was a late scratch. >> 40,000 fans showed up at to see him pitch. it was not to be. he had trouble warming up, could not get lives. that was disconcerting to the coaches. the general manager says he has been examined by the team doctor and that it was determined that there was inflammation in his throwing shoulder. he has been put on an anti- inflammatory and been sent home. he is scheduled for an mri. the nationals are optimistic that this is not a serious problem because this is something he has had a couple of times before when he was an amateur. with the future of this fra
to robbing and killing kang. his friends set up a memorial fund on-line. >>> in maryland a newborn is in the care of social services after being thrown from a second story window. according to police, the 11- year-old mother had just given birth before tossing the child out of her home. the baby was discovered by another female in the house who heard the baby screaming. despite the two-story drop, the baby girl is listed in good condition according to doctors. the state's attorney is now deciding whether the young mother should face charges. >>> he could go down as one of the most notorious criminals in washington history. a grand jury indicted 27-year- old jason scott yesterday for the double murder of a mother and daughter who lived noor him in largo. delors and ebony dewitt were killed last march. according to police scott is also the prime suspect in the murder of another mother daughter murder, karen and karissa lofton. >> he is a super felon that likes to do whatever he gets away with. it makes his heart sing and he will do anything until he is caught which luckily he has bee
management from the university of maryland college and that he worked for u.p.s. and his work was a core piece of the investigation. >>> today is a 100 in the disaster in the gulf of mexico. the deep water horizon oil rig exploded and sank more than three months ago and 100 days later the cap is finally intact. the coast guard says the pressure around the well is stable. spotters from the air are having trouble finding any oil sheen in the water but louisiana officials aren't convinced the disaster will be coming toed and anytime soon. >> are they trying to say this is over? are they that stupid? you know, it took six weeks from when it first started to leak to come ashore and now they topped it last week and it's over? >> reporter: some oil is still washing up op beaches and scientists say massive clouds of oil suspended in the water column could contaminate seafood and deplete oxygen. >>> the coast guard is keeping a close eye on another oil spill in the gulf. a tug boat pushing a barge slammed in to an abandoned well 65 miles south of new orleans. it sent a plume of oil and gas in the
prince georges encontrado culpable a un hombre de maryland de 27- anos, que segun la policia podria ser un compania ups ha sido acusado enfermera delores dewitt y su hija de 20 anos, eboni, en marzo del 2009 sus cuerpos fueron encontradon en un vehiculo calcinado que habia sido robado en enero del mismo ano, otra enfermera y su hija fueron encontradas muertas en su vivienda... scott,r condenado a doble cadena perpetua decenas de miles de viviendas continuan sin electricidad en la region por tercera noche consecutiva... por lo que el concejo municipal del condado de montgomery la lentitud de las reparaciones...durante que los clientes podran obtener estimados llamando a la linea de reparaciones al 1-877-pepco- 62.. de no haber ganadores elproximo sorteo que sera el viernes el monto estara llegando a .....millones de dolares.....mucha suerte ,,, que viven en el strito columbia muy pronto podrian convertirse en ...mar rosa lucchini tiene detalles del inicio de las obras... adilia vive con su familia, pero prefiere tener su propio apartamento... su privacidad dice...
cloudiness. upper 60s to around 70s. eastern shore now, the mid 70s, the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. at many locations, they have dipped into the upper 50s and it's not very humid there. over the last 12 hours, we've had showers and thunder showers to the west of washington. those have dissipated. we have low clouds lingering east of the ridge this morning. a little bit of sunshine in and out, partly sunny. hot and humid. highs reaching the low 90s. there's a chance of a late shower tonight and around tomorrow. tomorrow, unfortunately some storms tomorrow could be severe with some of the damaging winds. highs in the mid 90s to be followed by higher humid and cooler temperatures. >>> looking pretty good right on the wilson bridge. however, authorities are dealing with an accident outer loop at van dorn street. let's head over and see how we're doing. headed to the bay bridge or those of you on the eastern shore through annapolis right now. as just mentioned, restoration continues. we still have a lot of traffic lights out around the area. we'll keep it updated. >> t
baltimore medical cente3 where the child remains under doctor's characters but in the custody of maryland social services. a disturbing story. >> i am shocked and sad. >>>for a neighborhooo, just hearing the news. >> i mean, she had a baby, and there was other ways to handle a situation like that as opposed to just throwing it out the window? is that what you said? >>welll baltimore county police sayytherr is a law on the books, for mothers ttat don't want to keep their newborn child. the law allows them to take that baby, to any police precinct or hospital, with o questions asked. we're live at baltimooe county police headquarters. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you, keith. >> police in baltimore ity are investigating two early morning homicides. the firss happened afterú midnight. in the near intersection of harforddroad and batavii inú baltimore. coree was staabed and killed..3 they have no suspects or a motive at this time. and just after 4:000 police say a man was shot and killed in ú%rthwest baltimore. found on random road at willisston street. police are looking
-bye to the wave. >>> all right, good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. let's get right to the weather, it was so hot for so long, when it was upper 80s it felt like summertime. let's see if we can keep it going. here's meteorologist, justin berk. >> the humidity has come back, in fact, we have pictures to prove it. stick around, we'll show you how we've been dealing with the humidity here in the studio. don't get scared, mr. costello. the temperature will come up in a few minutes. maryland's most powerful doppler radar. five sweeps across the chesapeake, we're currently quiet as a clear to partly cloudy sky ranges across the region. 69 ellicot city. you're about 59. 72 westminster and cockeysville. stevensville to chestertown, 76. we're feeling a pinch of the humidity coming back. partly sunny sky, up to 91 as our two-degree guarantee. small chance of an isolated storm. right now it's 6:01. it's the birthday girl. kim brown with traffic. >> good morning, everyone. we're working an accident, southbound lanes of th
right, george. >>> authorities in maryland, meanwhile, they say have indicted america's newest serial killer. police say 27-year-old jason thomas scott killed five women over the past two years. and they have killed more in other parts of the country. pierre thomas has the latest and joins us live from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, robin. this morning, police say they expect the investigation to expand across state lines, into texas, florida and the district of columbia. and what they describe as a chilling case. five women murdered in a span of only nine months in one suburban maryland county. january 2009. karen lofton, a nurse fatally shot as she tried to hide in this corner of her own home. her daughter, gunned down as she frantically dialed 911 for help. the killer had disarmed their security system. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. two months later in march, another nurse, delores dewitt, and her daughter, ebony, savagely murdered and burned in a car. >> i have lost a friend. >> reporter: and vilma butler, executed and left to burn in her hom
of the outages are in maryland. and here are the latest numbers. in montgomery county, 23,000 customers are still without electricity. nearly 5,000 customers are waiting in prince george's county for the power to come back on. and in the district, about 2,000 customers are still out. pepco says the goal is to have all power restored by tomorrow afternoon. meanwhile, call-in lines continue to ring nonstop. elaine has that story. >> there would be such an influx of calls. we said after 3:00, call and as anticipated, there was a large volume of call and it created a problem for our technology. that has been resolved now. >> reporter: there have been numerous complaints by customers claiming they aren't getting accurate informing about repair times. crews have been working around the clock since sunday night's storm, even enlisting the help of hundred of workers brought in from out of town. meantime, police officers spent the morning rush hour directing traffic at several dark intersections like this one at industrial parkway. pepco says it is prioritizing by safety. >> downed wires continue to be a
's. delmarva area beaches are among the cleanest in the nation. virginia took fourth, and maryland ranked seventh. >>> turns out delmarva was not quite as clean today because of a decades-old tradition on the delmarva coast this morning. 150 ponies made their 85th annual journey to assateague island. the 200-yard swim was made famous by a novel. each year, the ponies are auctioned to raise money for their care. .> that has to be fund >> i used to go down there when i was a kid and i still enjoy it. >> people don't go swimming after that, do they? >> it is all natural . that i think the tide washes away. >>> the heat is not as intense as it was last weekend and will not last long, but it is another tough day for people without air conditioning in the middle nineties. we may have severe weather tomorrow critics -- whether tomorrow. a first look in the district, a look at the time lapse from the rooftop camera, the capital in the background. lots of clouds early on, then the skies cleared, the humidity up. it is a hot and humid wednesday afternoon, the temperatures in the low 90's in many sp
.c. and maryland area that will be without it tonight. reporting live on 10th street northeast. back to you. >> thank you. >>> there are now water restrictions in place in frederick, maryland. today mayor randy mcclement asked residents to voluntarily conserve water until further notice. tend intense heat and minimal rainfall have result in lower water levels. officials suggest that people minimize the use of their garbage disposal. use refrigerated water instead of running the tap for cold drinks and use a broom, he says, instead of a hose to clean your driveway or your sidewalk. >>> another hearing planned to talk about metro's deadly crash of last summer. members of the washington area congressional delegation will meet fwri the head of the national transportation safety board. they'll learn more about the ntsb's findings and recommendations. the ntsb blamed a faulty electronic circuit and metro's safety culture on the deadly crash that killed nine people last june. >>> a toddler is in serious condition after a chemical accident. i happened this morning in the 2500 block of 17th street n
a new poll for the maryland's governor race is placing bob ehrlich and roberto mallly. robert, o'malley. >>> that volume is increasing on the entire west side stretch all >>> 6:43 now on this wednesday morning and for now, dry out there, for the ost part. look at sky hd radar and only on the southern part of the eastern shore do we see a couple of3 remnants of showers that moved out of virginia and mmved across that part of the state. otherwise, watching the area toetothe midwest that is where e frontal boundaay is. that could be by tomorrow,ú fairly strrng. we will take a look at that in a %-76 degrees the temppratures in baltimore. 77 in d.c. and 69 in hagerstown. %-numbers, they have climbed a little bit and should continue %-the humidity is especially lar today and on thursday. it will move out by the weekend in time to enjoy a great weekend in fact. the better hance as i say it will be the as the front pushes through tomorrow by the late morning some showers and %-the afternoon as you can see3 some thunderstorms popping up later in afternoon for the eastern shore as well.
they are discovering this at this time. this one was done in georgia. this is one in maryland green belt outside of washington d.c. this is right outside of the co-op. and then urban roads like this in the los angeles river and this is being built. this is mira loma park. this is lark merced blvd. it's all made of clay. it's going to slump. these are the roads built in the oakland hills. nate, red woods. skyline. and enabled them to go up and develop the hills. the rural roads that go through the coast range. this enabled them to get their stuff to market. this is at road built by the ccc. this is a bridge. this is highway one and you won't know, except you look at the bridge and you will see dates, 1938, 1939. the airstrips are ccc. and the one out at treasure island. long beach, burbank. this is oakland and the whole built line railroad was redone. 19 is a pwa project and our great amphitheatres are from that time. this is santa barbara bowl. this is the forest theater in carmel and these are ccc workers putting huge bolder. here's 6 thousand people getting ready to enjoy oklahoma in that thea
-- one minute. one minute to our great majority leader, congressman hoyer of maryland. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i'm pleased to follow my friend, congressman manzullo, in speaking about the importance of making it in america. . it's not about manufacturing in america, it's about succeeding in america. to make sure that america is the vibrant engine of our economy and the international economy. making things not only for americans but for all the world. and i thank mr. manzullo for his comments. americans have always looked to the manufacturing sector as a source of economic vitality and as a source of pride. and i want to thank mr. rush, who has been an outstanding leader in this congress on behalf of growing our economy, jobs for americans, good paying, good benefits for all americans. america has long prided itself in a country that makes things, and democrats and i know my republicans -- republican friends are committed to making sure that is true in the future. america agrees on the importance
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